Control Cables

BE offers high quality Control Cables, complying with International (IEC) & (BS) standards to be used in Automation, Industrial Systems, Traffic Controls, Power Extension Buildings and Machine Control Systems.

BE uses the highest quality of raw material with the latest manufacturing techniques. BE carries out routine, sample and type tests (electrical / mechanical) in its own laboratories accredited with A2LA ISO/IEC 17025:2005.

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Low Voltage Control Cables


  • Electrical low voltage cables complying with IEC 60502-1. All cable are Flame Retardant to IEC 60332-1 Vertical Flame Propagation Test.


  • High conductivity soft annealed copper according to BS EN 60228, Class 1, Class 2 stranded and Class 5 flexible conductor.


  • Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) & Cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) with Maximum service temperature 90ºC.


  • Copper wire screen - cross section are upon request.
  • Copper tape screen
  • Tinned copper & annealed copper wire Braided
  • Lead sheath

Armoring (upon request):

  • Galvanized Steel Wire “SWA” or Galvanized Double Steel Tape “STA"

Outer Sheathing:

  • PVC ST2 and LS0H ST8

Special Requirements (upon request):

  • High fire performance, Flame propagation tests: IEC 60332-3.24 Category C - IEC 60332-3.23 Category B - IEC 60332-3.22 Category A
  • Fire resistant control cable with MICA - BS 6387 CAT CWZ
  • Chemical performance: Oil resistance
  • Sunlight & UV Resistant
  • Water resistance
  • Anti-termite resistant
  • Special color for insulation and outer sheath
  • Numbering identification for cores
  • Special outer sheath material: PVC(FRLS), PE
  • Different packing options are available

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