Bahra-TBS has been producing high efficiency Copper Busways, AE and HE, of up to 5000 A, and Super Compact Aluminum Busways of up to 6300 A, for low, medium and high-power applications providing the safest and most reliable busway solutions.

The Busway production provides complete market coverage from standard specifications to high specifications ratings (Low current density), with prominent features like:

  • Availability in the standard range: from 800 A to 5000 A with copper conductors
  • Compact dimensions enhance its resistance to short circuit stresses
  • Low impedance of the circuit; by controlling the voltage drops and allow the installation of high-power electrical systems, even in extremely confined spaces
  • The installation and design of the paths is quick, east and flexible.
  • Insulation Material Epoxy
  • Installation accessories as per project requirements
 Download Busway AE Catalogue

 Download Busway HE Catalogue

 Download Super Compact Aluminum Busway Catalogue

Busways up to 5000 A


  • IEC 61439-6
  • IEC 60529


  • Complete range is Fully Tested by LOVAG
  • Fire Resistance
  • SASO
  • Seismic

Protection Enclosure

  • IP-55/65
  • Tap off boxes ranging 63A-1250A allowing to protect and feed different types of loads by housing protective devices such as fuse, MCCB and motorized switch
  • 4 Conductor system with 100% Neutral and PE
  • 5 Conductor system with 100% Neutral, PE and 100% Isolated Earth Bar
  • Insulation Class B