High Voltage Power Cables

High Voltage and Extra High Voltage Power Cables are produced for use in electricity power transmission in urban areas, in accordance with IEC and BS standards.

Bahra Electric uses the CCV Technology with triple head extrusion dry curing and dry cooling.

BE carries out routine, sample and type tests (electrical / mechanical) in its own laboratories accredited by A2LA ISO/IEC 17025:2005. The HV & Extra HV Cables are also tested internationally with reputable labs such as KEMA.

BE is included in the suppliers list of many utilities in KSA, GCC and other countries such as SEC NG, SEWA, MARAFIQ and Ministry of Electricity at Iraq.

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HV & Extra HV | Single Core XLPE Cables | up to 230kV


  • Electrical high voltage power cables complying with IEC 6840, BS 7912, IEC 62067, ICEA S108-760. Fully water tight design.


  • Aluminum or copper conductors round compacted and segmental (Millikan conductor) up to 2500mm².


  • XLPE insulation / CCV Technology with triple head extrusion dry cure and dry cooling.

Metallic Sheathing:

  • Copper wire screen - cross section are upon request or short circuit current with aluminum laminated sheathed
  • Lead sheath
  • Combination between copper wire and Lead

Outer Sheathing:

  • HDPE sheathed with graphite coating or upon request

Watch video for HV Cables production