Copper Busbars & Rods

Bahra Electric produces high conductivity copper busbars and rods using:

  • Pure Copper cathodes of grade "A"
  • Copper purity; 99.99%
  • Use of Oxygen-Free Copper – “CU-OF”

BE sources this copper from international LME registered companies.

The facility for busbar production has been certified with ISO 9001:2008. The products have been tested with Type Tests from Bereau Veritas Saudi Arabia.

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Copper Busbars

Busbar Edge Shapes:

  • Sharp Corners
  • Rounded Corners
  • Semi-Circular Edges

Range of Sizes:

  • Width: From 10mm up to 240mm
  • Thickness: From 2mm up to 24mm
  • Cross-Section Area: From 30 mm2 up to 3800mm2

Busbar Applications:

  • Switchgear
  • Panel Boards
  • Busway and Busduct Enclosures
  • Earthing (safety grounding)


  • JIS H-3140:2012
  • BS EN 13601:2013

Tinned Copper Busbars

Tinned busbars are manufactured by state-of-the-art Electrolytic Tinning process, using a computerized system, which provides the best quality of tinned busbars to be used in Electrical Panels, Switchgears and Transformers.


  • Coating Thickness (default): 6 microns (Special coating thickness can be obtained upon request)
  • Purity of coating material: Minimum 99.85%, as per ASTM B339

Lab Testing:

Bahra labs are capabile of performing all required tests for tinned busbars, like;

  • Tin Thickness test
  • Adhesion test

Copper Rods

Using excellent Oxygen Free copper CU-OF, half-hard temper grade, to produce Copper Rods according to Japanese International Standards “JIS H 3140:2012” and British Standards “BS EN 13601:2013”.

Range of Sizes:

  • Diameter: From 6mm up to 70mm
  • Cross-Section Area: From 30mm2 upto 3800mm2


  • JIS H-3140:2012
  • BS EN 13601:2013

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