Medium Voltage Power Cables

MV Power Cables are produced for projects in power generation, and electricity transmission and distribution.

BE has the production lines with state-of-the-art Catenary Continuous Vulcanization (CCV) technology with advanced automatic concentricity control system, which guaranties high quality products to comply with International (IEC) and British (BS) standards.

BE carries out routine, sample and type tests (electrical / mechanical) in its own laboratories accredited by A2LA ISO/IEC 17025:2005.

BE products are also tested internationally with reputable labs such as KEMA, KSU, BASEC and bre-global.

BE is included in the suppliers list of many utilities in KSA, GCC and other countries like ARAMCO, SEC, SEWA, ADWEA, MARAFIQ.

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Medium Voltage Single and Multi-core XLPE Cables, up to 36kV


  • Electrical medium voltage power cables complying with IEC 60502-2, BS 6622 and BS 7835. All cable are Flame Retardant to IEC 60332-1 Vertical Flame Propagation Test.


  • High conductivity soft annealed copper conductor and aluminum conductor according to BS EN 60228, Class 2 stranded round compacted.


  • Cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) or tree-retardant cross-linked polyethylene (TR-XLPE)with Maximum service temperature 90ºC.

Metallic Screen:

  • Copper wire screen - cross section upon request or short circuit current
  • Copper tape screen

Armoring (upon request):

  • Galvanized steel wire “SWA” or galvanized double steel tape “STA" for multi core cable
  • Aluminum Wire Armored “AWA” or Aluminum Tape Armored ATA for single core cable

Outer Sheathing:


Special Requirements (upon request):

  • High fire performance, Flame propagation tests: IEC 60332-3.24 Category C - IEC 60332-3.23 Category B - IEC 60332-3.22 Category A
  • Chemical performance: Oil resistance
  • Sunlight & UV Resistant
  • Radial Water Protectionm, Waterproof for conductor and screen and Fully water tight
  • Anti-termite resistant
  • Bidding material, PVC, PE, LS0H
  • Lead sheath
  • Graphite coating for outer sheath
  • Special color for outer sheath
  • Special outer sheath material: PVC(FRLS)
  • Grounding bare conductor or insulated incuding the multi core cable
  • Triplex MV cable
  • BASEC approval

Watch video for MV Cables production